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Wooden bathtubs

VINSENT bathtubs made using unique technology will not leave you indifferent.
Fascinating design, luxury lines and individuality in every detail

Our product is our pride!
For our wooden bathtubs, we use only expensive grades of wood.
We make luxury in a minimalist design from our studio.
All our products have a 100 year warranty.
About the project
Vinsent - has been producing designer furniture since 2007. Our factory is located in the industrial district of Fryanovo, Moscow Region.
Wooden bathtubs have become a hallmark of the company. The main concept of Vinsent is the combination of comfort, practicality and luxury. We embody impossible things in your reality.
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What bath you should buy?

We will try to help you in this matter, revealing this topic completely
  • Wooden, cast-iron, stone or maybe glass? We will consider this question from all sides, from creation to the present day. Initially, the bath was a luxury item and was made of wood, stone, or metal. Even the first Romans created public baths, called the "Therma", where everything was finished with incredible pomposity. They turned taking a bath into an event that was accompanied by easy communication, discussion of philosophical dogmas and reading literature. In a word, it was a ritual followed by most, if not all, of the inhabitants of Ancient Rome.

Centuries were replaced by generations, and along with them, ideas about hygiene had also changed. From the Middle Ages, in which it was an ordinaryl thing to take a bath every six months to the present day, when there is a bath in every house, and adults and children do not deny themselves this pleasure.

The Slavs always had their own ablution traditions. In Russia, in the villages it was the norm to have a bathhouse in the yard. Everyone had a steam bath - from young to adult. In the cities, public bathhouses were built for residents who exist to this day.

Now in Europe, the ritual of taking a bath is considered an expensive pleasure due to the high cost of the water itself. In addition, in the modern rhythm of life, Europeans rarely allow themselves to soak in the bathroom, simply replacing this piece of plumbing with a shower stall.
Asians - Japanese, Chinese from ancient times to the present, take a bath at least once a day, as ancient treatises told them to. They invented the Furo, a cross between a bath and a steam bath.

A variety of bathtubs - what to buy.

Now, you can buy a bathtub from a wide variety of materials: from cast iron, composite materials, acrylic to glass or wood. But still one of the most exclusive is the production of wooden bathtubs. At present, it is natural wood bathtubs that are premium. Only true connoisseurs can afford to make such a purchase.

Having bought a wooden Vinsent bath, what do you get?

Natural wood is a natural material, eco-friendly and safe. It radiates warmth and natural beauty, which is worth the inimitable pattern of wood. When you look at the image made by nature itself, you understand that no artist can compare with this creation.
The lines and shades of wood are unique. And this creation of nature, our masters organically fit into the shape of your bathroom.

The purchased Vinsent wooden bathtub will no doubt decorate your interior. After all, wood harmoniously combines with ceramics, glass or metal.
The elegance of the shapes and colors of our products perfectly emphasize this natural material.

The bathroom is a place where you can relax, be alone with yourself, turn off all thoughts or, conversely, dream and think about your plans. In addition, you will definitely get a healing effect, because even the ancient healers of the East recognized the undoubted benefit of taking a bath.

In our bath you will also receive aesthetic pleasure. The texture of the tree gives an incomparable sensation of warmth and coziness. It's impossible not to fall in love with her.

Vinsent baths - we love what we do.

We produce premium wooden Vinsent bathtubs. Our product is our pride. Buying a Vinsent bathtube, you buy quality, reliability and durability, because we give a quality guarantee for our bathtubs for 100 years. You can be sure to leave this legacy to your children.

Our factory was founded in 2007. Own production, modern equipment and machine tools, professionals who love their job, as well as grateful customers - all this guarantees you premium quality

Having bought a wooden Vinsent bath, you will provide yourself with incomparable pleasure for many years.

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